Welcome to CFB Fanatic’s Blog

The king of this realm (that would be me) is a college football fanatic.  I’m a sports fan in general and enjoy watching a wide variety of sports, both collegiate and professional.  I’ll watch an NCAA basketball game here and there and then lock in for March Madness.  MLB, usually just the penants and Word Series.  I’ll catch a few NFL playoff games and then watch the Super Bowl.  I tune into the NBA after the all-star game.  In this “golden age of tennis” I watch many matches from the ATP 1000 tours and never miss a slam.  I also love watching both the World Cup (men’s and women’s) and the Olympics (summer and winter) when they roll around.  All good stuff.  But college football is different.

I am passionate about college football.  The game is intense, exhilarating, gut-wrenching, maddening, and magical all wrapped in one.  If you feel the same, then I think you will enjoy following this blog.  I invite you to visit often and stay as long as you like, provided you conduct yourself with proper decorum.  Now, as king of this realm, I will periodically issue proclamations (blogs posts) for the benefit of all.  My word is law!  However, you are free to express your own thoughts in these matters as well, no matter how misguided or erroneous they may be.  Enjoy your stay.  Heed the king’s counsel.  And long live the king!  🙂