Conference Chaos

The Problem

The years 2011 to 2014 marked the period that I call “conference chaos”.  In 2011, Nebraska left the Big 12 to join the Big 10, while Colorado left the Big 12 to join the PAC 10.  The following year, both Texas A&M and Missouri left the Big 12 to join the SEC, while West Virginia left the Big East to join the Big 12.  In 2013, both Pittsburgh and Syracuse left the Big East to join the ACC, with Louisville following suit the next year.  Also in 2014, Maryland left the ACC and Rutgers left the Big East to join the Big 10 together.  So, we now have the ridiculous situation where Nebraska is in the same conference as Rutgers and West Virginia in the same conference as Texas Tech.  These things ought not to be.  We both know it.

The Solution

My plan is the way forward.  It can not be improved upon.  Don’t even bother trying.  Over the last few years I have gone through countless iterations to finally arrive as the best possible solution that fixes “conference chaos” and also creates the perfect format for determining the national champion.  I call this plan the “king’s decree” because if I were “king for a day” as the expression goes, then it would become the “law of the realm”.


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