Conference Re-Alignment

Northern Super Conference (NSC)

The NSC takes the geographic footprint of the old, original Big Ten and adds one state, Kentucky, which is a natural fit since it borders Ohio, Indiana and Illinois.  We add two teams from the state, namely Kentucky and Louisville, which gets us to 12.  We then simply add two teams from within the Big Ten’s original geographic footprint to get us to 14.  These are Iowa State and Cincinatti.  The east and west divisions are perfectly configured to maintain the strongest and longest rivalries, including the new additions from the state of Kentucky, as well as creating in-state in-conference rivalries in the states of Iowa and Ohio.  The NSC makes perfect sense.

Eastern Super Conference (ESC)

The ESC is essentially a merger of the original ACC (its 8 founding members, minus South Carolina [which left the ACC in 1971] and Clemson) and the old (and now defunct) Big East, plus the formerly independent “beast of the east” Penn State, before it joined the Big Ten.  The north division restores all the old rivalries from the northeast and the south division maintains all the old ACC rivalries, adding on the in-state rivalry between Virginia and Virginia Tech.  The permanent non-division rivalries are icing on the cake.

Southern Super Conference (SSC)

The SSC is a no-brainer.  To achieve regional (geographic) cohesion, the SSC simply combines the SEC and ACC teams located in the Southeast.  The east and west divisions are perfectly configured to maintain the strongest and longest rivalries.  In the region where football is the king of college sports, the match-ups within the SSC are phenomenal.

Central Super Conference (CSC)

The CSC is a thing of sheer genius and pure beauty.  It resurrects the old Big 8 (minus Iowa State) and places those teams in the north division, restoring numerous lost rivalries.  It also resurrects the core of the old Southwest Conference (SWC) and places those teams in the south division, bringing Arkansas back into the fold to rekindle its historic SWC rivalries.  It saves the existing Big 12 from implosion, where the antics of Texas sent Colorado, Nebraska, Missouri and Texas A&M seeking respect and equality in other conferences. Finally, it adds New Mexico to create balance for the divisions and expand geographic coverage.

Western Super Conference (WSC)

The WSC is the old PAC 10 plus four newcomers from bordering states.  Of course Utah has already joined the existing PAC 12.  I have simply deleted from the PAC 12 Colorado (which belongs elsewhere, see the CSC above) and added Boise State, Nevada and BYU.  These additions create balance for the divisions, offer compelling rivalries, and expand geographic coverage.