Playoff Format

In the King’s Decree, I advocate for five super conferences and an 8-team playoff comprised of the five conference champions and the next three highest ranked teams paired up in the historic New Year’s Day bowls.  The playoff does not need to follow a strict 1 through 8 seeding format.  As much as possible, the bowl system should be preserved, including its regional ties and traditions, particularly the Rose Bowl.  To achieve these aims, I have developed the perfect plan.


As you can see, the Rose Bowl gets the NSC (formerly Big 10) champ and WSC (formerly PAC 10/12) champ.  The Cotton, Sugar and Orange bowls each get the champs from their traditional conference affiliations plus the best “playoff pick” of the next three highest ranked teams selected for the playoff.  Each year these three bowls would rotate their order of selection.  So, the first year, Cotton picks first, Sugar second, Orange gets third team by default.  Second year, Sugar picks first, Orange second, Cotton gets third.  And so on.

Toward the end of the football season(s), I will provide a week-to-week playoff forecast on my blog based on my projections and what-ifs.  Of course, until the King’s Decree is adopted and implemented, my forecast necessarily will have to include assumptions about which teams would win my proposed divisions and conferences, based on each team’s actual on-field performance and win/loss records.  Should be fun.