The King’s Decree

There shall be five super conferences, each with 14 teams, divided into two 7-team divisions. Each team shall play a 12-game slate against 10 conference teams and 2 out-of-conference teams.  The 10 conference games will be against a team’s 6 divisional foes, 1 permanent non-division rival, plus 3 of 6 remaining non-division teams on a back-to-back, home-and-home arrangement.  Click here to display the chart which shows the conferences (newly named) and divisions, as well as independent Notre Dame.  The permanent non-division rivals are side by side with their head-to-head results (through 2015) displayed to the right.  Records come from

Division winners play for conference titles. The five conference champions and the next three highest ranked teams are paired up in New Year’s Day bowls. The four winners are paired up a week later, with those two winners playing for the national title two weeks later.  Check out the playoff format.  There is no better plan!  See why.

Long live the king!  🙂


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